If you are a Filipino Lineman looking for an opportunity, we have utility contractors worldwide looking for Lineman / Power Systems Electricians in both Transmission and Distribution.

We will organise everything for you, from a visa for you and your family, flights, medical checks, exit clearance (where applicable), and all associated immigration-related activities.

There is no obligation, just straight up-and-down talk.

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Client Testimonials

Filipino Linemen are a "Game Changer" for your business. Highly skilled, Safe and Experienced Linemen, ready to hit the ground running.

Michael MacDougall

Director of Operators
Tower Power Canada and USA

Tower Power provides services in energised Tower Painting for Transmission Power Lines, working for various Utilities across Canada and the USA. We use Filipino linemen to work alongside our local teams.  Hard-working, safe, and knowledgeable people who we are proud to have working with us. I highly recommend Clive and his team to provide top-quality Linemen.

Anthony Nicholas

Cake Commercial Services - NZ

Cake Commercial is a leading Transmission Tower Painting business in New Zealand and Fiji. We use Filipino Linemen as part of our team to undertake energised tower maintenance. For the past ten years, we have recruited over 50 linemen, all proving valuable to our business and clients. Hard-working, loyal and reliable. Most of all, they have fitted our Kiwi-based team with an uplift in culture, producing a consistently high level of productivity.

Adam Oldfield

Salute Construction

Salute delivers high-quality external and internal Carpentry Works. 
With a shortage of skilled carpenters available at affordable rates, Sunway has provided us with a quality Filipino workforce combined with our local expertise. 
It’s a breeze to deal with Sunway and their team, with clear and straight up-and-down communication.

Linemen Testimonials

It is great for Sunway to offer such an exciting and rewarding career path for Filipino Linemen. They are well respected around the world for their strong work ethic and reliability. It is our pleasure to provide opportunities for each one of them and their families. Here is what they say.

"I am delighted to be part of lines crew here in New Zealand undertaking various Maintenance work on both Transmission and Distribution networks across New Zealand. Clive and his team, have provided a fantastic opportunity for myself, and in preparation to bringing my family to NZ with residency visas in the pipeline."

Fidel Cagampang


"Being a Linesman | Tower Maintainer in New Zealand has provided me with extensive training and experience.  My dedication has lead me to grow in my chosen profession. This role requires both physical and mental fitness, but if you're willing to work hard, this is a great opportunity to build your career and see the beauty New Zealand has to offer."

Leonides Nebria

Lineman / Tower Maintainer

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Enhancing the workforce through international recruitment

Michelle Orum, Cake Commercial Services

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