Case Study

Enhancing the workforce through international recruitment

Michelle Orum, Cake Commercial Services

Background: Cake Commercial Services is a protective coatings company based in New Zealand. Cake has experienced significant growth in recent years, and as such, Cake faced the challenge of finding qualified and skilled candidates to meet the demand for its specialised work. 

The Challenge: With a booming workload and a shortage of local talent in New Zealand, Cake sought to recruit skilled workers internationally to fill critical positions. Michelle Orum, Tower Sector Manager at Cake, recognised the need for a reliable recruitment solution to support the company's expansion. The company needed candidates with at least three years of relevant power line or tower maintenance experience. Moreover, the candidates needed to be adaptable to Cake's unique work environment, which often involved extended stays away from home.

Solution: Michelle's acquaintance with Cake's former CEO, Clive, introduced her to Sunway Global, a global workforce solutions provider specialising in international placements. Intrigued by Clive's new venture, Michelle recognised the opportunity for Cake to leverage a streamlined recruitment process offered by Sunway.

Sunway presented a comprehensive plan to oversee Cake's international recruitment needs, ensuring its simplicity and seamless execution. Their strategy prioritised matching candidates with Cake's specific requirements and transparent and responsive communication to facilitate a smooth and efficient operation.


  1. Quality Candidates: Sunway's diligence in verifying candidates' experience and skills ensured that only qualified individuals were presented to Cake. The candidates were well-prepared for Cake's unique work environment and requirements.
  2. Smooth Recruitment Process: Sunway's responsive communication and transparency facilitated a seamless recruitment process. The agency's ability to promptly address inquiries and provide updates ensured that Cake's hiring needs were met efficiently.
  3. Effective Collaboration: Cake and Sunway established a strong working relationship, with open communication channels and a willingness to take and provide feedback. This collaboration ensured that candidates aligned with Cake's long-term goals and plans for growth.
  4. Future Planning: With an eye on the future, Cake and Sunway are working together to navigate changes in visa regulations. Sunway's adaptability and willingness to adjust recruitment strategies demonstrate their commitment to meeting Cake's evolving needs.

Outcome: Through its partnership with Sunway, Cake successfully addressed the challenge of finding qualified candidates to support its growth in a specialised industry. Sunway's meticulous candidate selection process, clear communication, and flexible response to changing circumstances have enabled Cake to build a reliable and skilled workforce. As Cake continues its journey of expansion, the collaboration with Sunway ensures that the company remains well-equipped to meet its recruitment needs and maintain its reputation for delivering high-quality services.