Meeting the Team in the Philippines: A Valuable Experience

At Sunway it's not transactional we are with you on the journey.

As the CEO of a global business, I recognise the importance of connecting with key team members across different locations. Our recent trip to the Philippines was no exception. While we engage with our team online daily, there is nothing like meeting them in person and immersing ourselves in their local environments. During our visit, we had the pleasure of meeting Joy, Blinky, and our entire recruitment partners, which was a fantastic experience.

We had the opportunity to learn about various aspects of Filipino culture, from the bustling traffic to the sheer volume of people residing in Manila. Above all, we were deeply impressed by the passion and dedication exhibited by the Filipino people, qualities that we have come to admire greatly. The Filipino workforce is known for their loyalty, hard work, and commitment to delivering their best for the organisations they serve. This was evident throughout our visit to Manila, reaffirming our belief that hard work and strong ethical values are the driving forces behind the success enjoyed by Sunway and our clients when it comes to bringing in skilled workers from around the world.

Reconnecting with our recruitment partners in person was an absolute pleasure. These meetings were a powerful testament to Sunway's ability to deliver highly skilled applicants across various industries. They further reinforced that our recruitment process and systems are the best in the business, ensuring a seamless experience for our clients and applicants. Collaborating with such exceptional individuals on this journey and witnessing the outstanding results we achieve together brings a sense of ease and enjoyment to our role within this company.

I extend my heartfelt gratitude to the extended Sunway team. Working alongside you fills us with immense pride as we collectively strive to deliver outstanding results for our applicants and clients. Your dedication and hard work are the pillars of our success, and we are honoured to have you as part of our team.